Software Engineering in the Systems Context (Essence 관한 신간도서)

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이 글에서는 기업의 경영전략, 경영프로세스, 정보시스템의 기획에서 구현까지 SW공학 응용의 최근 추세를 살펴 보았습니다. 또한 SW사업 유형(SW패키지 사업과 IT서비스 사업) 별로 핵심 사업프로세스에서 SW공학을 응용하는 최근 추세도 살펴 보았습니다.  특히 OMG에서 제정한 SW공학 커널 및 언어에 관한 국제표준인 Essence의 체계적인 개념체계를 바탕으로 기업 정보시스템의 최신 개발방법론들과 SW기업들의 SW공학 기반 핵심 사업프로세스들을 분석적으로 설명하였습니다.


Software Engineering in the Systems Context

Addressing Frontiers, Practice and Education

Ivar Jacobson and Harold “Bud” Lawson, eds

This book has been created to provide various perspectives concerning the problems and opportunities presented by the increasing central role of software in the world’s systems. In particular, the role of and relationship between Software Engineering and Systems Engineering in the provisioning of software systems and their integration into system environments. The perspectives shed light on such aspects as driving concepts and principles, guidance on selecting development approaches, issues of complexity, stakeholder concerns and requirements, the vital role of architecture, agility, governance, resilience, trust, risk, acquisition, supply chains, technical debt, socio-technical aspects, standards, as well as the fundamental aspects of improving communication and understanding.

Of particular importance is the presentation of OMG Essence Kernel and its utilization that are aimed at re-founding Software Engineering. In order to deal with software in the systems context, ideas for providing a complementary Systems Engineering Essence are introduced and a Call to Action to work on this endeavor is issued. The endeavor will lead to a new level of understanding and communication amongst Software and Systems Engineers and provide a common basis for constructing their Methods and Practices based upon the application of the Kernel.

The editors are pleased to be able to present the perspectives of international experts on the issues related to unifying Software and Systems Engineering.

Ilia Bider, Barry Boehm, Lindsey Brodie, Francois Coallier, Tom Gilb, Rich Hilliard, Ivar Jacobson, Harold “Bud” Lawson, Anatoly Levenchuk, Svante Lidman, Paul E. McMahon, Moacyr de Mello , Barry Myburgh, Pan-Wei Ng, Don O’Neill, June Sung Park, Sarah Sheard, Ian Sommerville, Ian Spence.


October 2015


Essence-Driven Adaptive Software Engineering (PPT 자료)

2015년 10월 7일 대전에서 개최된 23차 IFIP World Computer Congress에서 SEMAT Essence Conference를 가졌습니다. 이 컨퍼런스에서 박준성교수가 발표한 “Essence-Driven Adaptive Software Engineering” 자료를 공유합니다.

본 자료에는 Red Hat과 Fujitsu가 Essence를 사내 SW방법론 제정 및 관리의 표준 프레임워크로 채택하여 활용하고 있는 사례도 소개하였습니다. OMG에서 국제표준으로 제정한 SW방법론 표현 커널 및 언어인 Essence를 이해하고 적용해 보는데 도움이 되길 바랍니다.…/Essence-Driven-Adaptive-Software-E…

Essence Experience at Fujitsu (동영상 사례발표)

독일 베를린에서 6월 18일 개최된 Essence Conference에서 Fujitsu Services사  Chief Architect인 Ste Nadin이 발표한 Essence 적용사례에 관한 강연의 동영상을 공유합니다.



Ste Nadin, Chief Architect, Business and Application Services, Fujitsu Services

We currently live in an disruptive age where the standard industry processes and thinking are constantly being challenged. This disruption is changing the ways Fujitsu customers are looking to engage and the manner that Fujitsu has to respond to deliver end to end solutions. It is therefore becoming more vital than ever that a common and firm foundation can be used to act as the anchor point to deliver successfully. SEMAT is this anchor point. In this presentation we want to explore how Essence from practical experience has been used to allow successful delivery. This will look at instances where both Fujitsu has worked in partnership with customers as well as different parts of Fujitsu with different methods delivering in a unified manner. This will look at the challengers overcome and the opportunities further down the line.



Essence Experience at Red Hat (동영상 사례발표)

독일 베를린에서 6월 18일 개최된 Essence Conference에서 Red Hat사  Cloud Domain Architect인 Ed Seymore가 발표한 Essence 적용사례에 관한 강연의 동영상을 공유합니다.


Ed Seymour, Cloud Domain Architect, Red Hat

In this talk, Ed Seymour from Red Hat looks at how SEMAT helps Red Hat manage an assortment of approaches when working with varied and disparate clients; how it provides a consistent view across all projects irrespective of the approach taken, even if SEMAT was not considered during project initiation. Furthermore, he looks at how SEMAT is helping Red Hat patch the holes in existing approaches, and providing a framework for developing new practices to support evolving techniques, and emerging technologies.